Nutrisense Has a New Charlotte Office!

Nutrisense is excited to announce that we have a NEW OFFICE!
You can come visit us at
5200 Park Road
Suite 235F
Charlotte, NC 28209
If you or someone you know is looking for a great nutritionist in the Charlotte area, please pass along our name!

Are You Still Resolved?

January is almost over, but are the resolutions you made to eat better and take care of yourself over as well? According to Psychology Today, 90% of people make resolutions that involve health or weight loss yet less than 10% actually achieve, let alone maintain those goals.
When it comes to nutrition or weight goals our […]

Christmas Promises

I am always amazed at the abundance of holiday treats in all the places you go – dishes of candy at the office, gift-wrapped boxes of cookies, and bottles of wines and spirits at every turn. Combine that with Christmas parties and celebration dinners out on the town and it is serious overload! Wining, dining […]

Go NUTS Over Nuts

During the low-fat craze of the late 80’s and early 90’s, nuts were unfairly targeted as a cause of obesity and heart disease. However, we know now that nuts are a fantastic source of protein! The calories in nuts come from high-quality fat that is crucial for all organs to function properly, especially the brain.

If you […]

Thanksgiving Thoughts from Nutrisense

As a person who lives with NCGS (non-celiac gluten sensitivity), I avoid all food containing gluten on a daily basis. Whether you have NCGS, food sensitivities, food allergies or if you a simply focused on a healthy lifestyle, planning ahead for holiday eating can make all the difference. Create a game plan to ensure you […]

A Look At What We Do

Simple Ways to Take of You This Holiday Season

You can (and deserve to) look and feel your very best. Taking care of yourself sounds like a simple task, but it’s my mantra because it has to be. As a mom, I often find myself playing Wonder Woman. But just because I think I can do everything, doesn’t mean I should.

There are simple things you can […]

Autumn Is the Perfect Time for Cleansing Your Life!

Want to discuss your autumn nutrition goals? Call us today for an appointment!

A Healthier Halloween

Want to see my scary Throwback Thursday picture? Here are my sons 10 years ago on Halloween. I wish I knew then what I know now about sugar and candy! With Halloween around the corner, lots of children are going to bed dreaming of how much candy they will collect during trick-or-treat. While I can […]

October Is NON-GMO Month

It is important for all of us to have the facts about how our food is grown so we can make the best choices for our health. Part of our mission at Nutrisense educating as many people as possible to enable them to make best choices for themselves.
What are GMOs? GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms, also […]