469_2973521Purge (v) to remove or eliminate an unwanted element

             (n) the act or process of purging

A dear friend of mine happens to also be a professional organizer. When she visited recently, I took the opportunity to enlist her help in creating some order in my home. She was tough on me and made me focus on letting go of things I was holding onto but would never need or use.

I had to face that I was holding onto items in my home because I was subconsciously attached to them, as we all are. We tend to justify our need for things based on our goals that someday we will need or use them. But how often is that actually the case?

Take the broken lamp in my office as an example. I’ve been telling myself for a while that I will fix it, but I never did. It remained in the same place for a year and served as a constant reminder of something I wasn’t doing. How often do we allow these things to be a verse in our head that sings, “You’re not good enough. You never do what you say you are going to do. You don’t finish what you start.” I know that I don’t want that voice in my head. I want peace and accomplishment inside my heart and mind.

680_4911981We started with the closets and sorting through clothing. She made me ask myself the tough questions like, “Will I really fit into this?” and “If this fits, will I ever wear it?” We filled eight bags for Goodwill and nine bags and suitcases for Turning Point. Purging the “stuff” felt amazing. It was not only taking up physical space in my life, but also emotional space in my soul and that was weighing me down.

I can honestly say I have never felt such a sense of lightness and clarity. Who knew the “junk closet” in the guest room was giving me anxiety? “Stuff” can be toxic to our souls much the same as people and relationships. The unsettled feelings this clutter can undermine our efforts to take care of ourselves, which may result in us using food or alcohol to relax.

Purging opens space in our souls to allow our authentic self to come to life and show its beautiful self to the world. Don’t deprive the world of the real you because you are amazing. Let go of what is holding you back and you will be so glad that you did.

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