farmers-market-2Local food is best. We all know that to be true, but so often we find ourselves in our local grocery store instead of supporting our local farmers. Farmer’s market produce is picked at its peak ripeness. Food that is freshly pulled from the ground or picked from the tree from a farm near you means the produce you buy can retain more nutrients.

Farmer’s markets will offer so much variety from eggs to meats as well as excellent greens and fresh herbs. Some markets will also have freshly baked breads and terrific fresh milk and dairy items. Click here to find a great farmer’s market near you. Don’t forget to bring your cash!

Why should you buy your food at the farmer’s market?

  1. Local food travels a short way, which means it is fresher.
  2. You leave a smaller carbon food print when your food travels a shorter distance.
  3. You support your neighbors, support local farms and create more local jobs.
  4. You can make seasonal dishes with the freshest ingredients.
  5. You can meet the farmers who raise and grow your food. They can answer questions and give advice for cooking. Inquire about their farm, how they grow their products, what (if any) chemicals were used, and how they raise their animal.

Eating seasonally keeps your body in sync with nature! Enjoy exploring the farmer’s markets near you!